The Call of the Ants

The Call of the Ants

A few months ago
I was kidnapped by ants.
(It was the first blog)
They took me down into the depths
They asked me to speak to my people
Of the Earth’s deep pain
My people are causing.

I said yes,
Not sure what I was agreeing to.
I was told
Ants would be my reminder.
Whenever I see an ant, I am to remember my task.

Lately I’ve seen no ants.
I have forgotten my task.
My people continue to cause great harm to the Earth.
My people continue to cause great harm to each other
And to the ants and other living beings.

But I have been busy.
There was Christmas and the New Year
There was Thanksgiving and trips to parents.
There were meetings and readings and many things to do.
Surely the ants would understand.

The invitation still stands.
Busyness does not rescind
Nor does avoidance.

I must confess to the ants and all that lives in and on the Earth.
It is not that I do not know what to say.
It is that I am afraid I will be heard.
My people will hear me.

They will hear that I talk and listen to ants, to trees, to mountains.
They will hear that I see the Earth as a living, breathing entity.
Not as a thing here for our use.
They will hear that I believe the Earth is in great pain, suffering deeply.
They will hear that I believe we are responsible for much of that pain.
That we must own our destructive ways.

They will hear that I believe the path to wholeness and healing
Is in opening one’s heart
At great cost
To all that is around us.
All the pain. All the love
All the suffering. All the life.
To each and every ant.
To each and every living thing.
To each and every person
No matter who or what they are.

It is to speak to them.
It is to listen.
It is to hold
Their life in yours
As a sacred gift
Until the heart breaks open.

The broken heart, terrible as it is
Is the only way in and through and out.
Christ through whom all was created,
Showed us this path.


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